2. handmade galaxy print dress!!


  4. Cozy Knit Headbands

    I’m not really a winter person. In fact, I wish it were summer all the time. But there are two things I love about cold weather:

    1) The cozy warm clothes & layers.
    2) Winter crafts!! Knitting with thick, woolly yarn is just DELICIOUS.

    And as usual, the birdfriend shop is selling big bow headbands! Not on etsy though. At a real, live store!!

    If you’re in Bloomington, come check out my headbands at AZ Vintage!

    I love being included with all the other local artists on this wall :)


  5. Skirt & Blazer

    Sklazer? Blirt? I can’t think of a good combination of the two pieces that really make up this look. Even though they’re such a classic combo! It was pretty warm yesterday and I wanted to dress up for my dad’s birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and shopping at the Fashion Mall here in Indy. The mall has been under construction for months and it was exciting to see the changes being made! Not to mention the new West Elm and soon-to-be-open Free People.

    This skirt, by the way, is handmade!! A year or two ago I went to Joanne’s and picked out cute fabric and made up some simple elastic skirts. Check out my lemony skirt here!!

    And here are a couple of pictures from Lookbook.nu that inspired my outfit! Blazers and skirts, man. The best. I love browsing Lookbook but I rarely post anything because I don’t think my style is edgy enough. What do you think?

    Winter Chill / Sweet & Sour / Safe & Sound / Flashes of Red


  6. Bloomington Handmade Market

    The Bloomington Handmade Market is an indie arts and crafts fair that is held yearly in good ol Btown. It features artists from Indiana and all over the Midwest and took place this weekend. Of course I went, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Fun fact: I love crafts. And I love cute things. And I spent several hours walking around and squealing at all the cute crafts!! Here is a selection of my favorite booths:

    Opposite of Far

    Absolutely ADORABLE felt masks and dolls. 

    The fox mask was definitely my favorite!!

    Sooooo many more artists after the jump…………

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